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Communion Revival

Thank you for joining us with Lou Engle and Mufa Besic on February 24th. We enjoyed a special time of worship, prayer, declaration, and revelation. We invited the bride of the Northwest to come and take communion, declaring that this region belongs to the our God!

Help us take this movement further! Use the button below to support future Communion Revivals ... our desire is to take this movement throughout all 50 states and beyond!

Next Steps

Join the 40 day fast. Feb 22nd- April 2nd



Host a Passover Communion Revival Gathering at your home or church on April 5th, 2023. For more info email us!


Join a house church and stay connected to the church community at The Collective.

Future Events

Please pray and ask the Lord not only how you can support this Communion Revival gathering on the 24th, in our city and state of Washington, but how to enable future gatherings to be taken even further as the Lord leads, reaching different states and nations!

Next Steps

Lou Engle is an intercessor for revival, and the visionary co-founder of TheCall, a prayer and fasting movement responsible for gathering hundreds of thousands around the globe.



Earlier in 2022, having returned from a global communion service on Passover in Jerusalem, I dreamed I was speaking with Bill Johnson with my headphones on. With stumbling speech, I was having trouble trying to recall the Original Sacramento River dream. When I took my headphones off, suddenly my mind cleared and I remembered and spoke out the dream with prophetic clarity. Then I exclaimed to Bill. “It’s the Great Communion Revival!” Then I began weeping in the dream. Pay close attention to your tears in dreams. They may be pointing you to your destiny or to what is dear to God and what should be dear to you. I’m convinced that the Lord was profoundly speaking to me, “Listen closely son. Take off your headphones! I want to open your ears to listen (Isaiah 50)”. I want you to be stunned with awe about what I’m going to say to you because it is so dear to me, the value of the blood of My beloved Son and it’s power to heal the earth when applied in faith by my church.” I believe therefore I speak. I prophesy the coming of the Great Communion Blood Revival.

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