Liberty Homeschool Academy is offering 3 co-op sessions: 12 weeks in the Fall beginning on September 1st, 2021, 12 weeks beginning January 12th, 2022, and a 6-week Spring session beginning on April 20th, 2022. Our community will be meeting together weekly  on Wednesdays and Fridays at 1 Apple Annie Way in Cashmere, WA.

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2021-22 Academic Year
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$100 for first student
$50 for each additional student in your family.

Supply fee: $25/student per semester.
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Statement of Release from Liability:

In consideration of my family’s participation in the Liberty Homeschool Co-op, I hereby agree to the following:

I acknowledge, understand, and accept all rules and regulations posted, written, or verbally communicated to me by the LHA co-op leadership team. I further agree to hold harmless and blameless Collective Church and LHA, it’s leaders, volunteers, and staff from any and all liability from damages, loss, or injuries, either to persons or property, which participants may sustain while attending the co-op.

Co-op Info...

Please note Liberty Homeschool Academy is not a "drop-off" program for students in grades K-8. Parents will be required to remain on campus with their children or make arrangements for their students to be under the supervision of a responsible party during class times. Parental involvement and participation is highly encouraged at all levels of the co-op. Parents are still considered the primary educator of their homeschooled children. Additionally, parents are requested to assist and actively participate in the co-op.

LHA is a 2-day per week co-op. If your family can only participate in one day per week please indicate that in the comments section of the registration form. We will do our best to accommodate your needs!

What to expect...


Upon registering, you will receive a confirmation email and will be contacted by a member of our or leadership team to review your registration. You will then be provided with a welcome pack to include academic calendar, schedule, curriculum, book lists and family/student expectations.

By clicking the "agree to terms and conditions" button, I have read, understand, and accept the LHA Statement of Faith and the terms of the participant’s agreement as stated above.

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Kids Reading Book in Park



In the Grammar stage, young children are naturally inquisitive and are both willing and able to memorize and recite lots of material. It’s at this age when we help our children absorb tremendous amounts of information with historical and biblical timelines as well as explore language with Latin. We also teach math fundamentals. Repetition is loved by this age and we do this by memorizing facts with song, chants, and games. Science experiments are done for these inquisitive minds as well as art and music being introduced though studying the great artists and composers. 

Middle School


The goal of the dialectic or logic stage is to equip students with the thinking skills needed to recognize sound arguments and ideas and to detect and correct fallacious ones. This stage addresses the questions of how and why. At this stage children are becoming naturally argumentative and want to know how and why everything works. - Veritas Press.

In our curriculum, we searched for opportunities to create a "one room school house" environment as we explore how and why. For the middle schoolers, "Mission: Lasting Liberty" will provide a roadmap. Based on the curriculum, each week students will conduct a science experiment or activity, art and history-based discussion and activities, geography, math/logic, Latin, writing with Institute for Excellence in Writing and presentations.

High School


The rhetoric stage is where children take the knowledge they've learned at the grammar and dialectic stages and learn how to solve difficult problems, become self-aware, and express what they think through speech, papers, or in groups. Simply put, it's the stage at which children are taught how to teach themselves anything - Veritas Press.

The high schoolers will delve into Omnibus and explore world religions, modern history, and great literature, hone writing skills utilizing IEW, explore and create art, be introduced to cultures through Latin and other foreign languages, seek God's fingerprints in His creation and science, find the design behind logic/mathematics, and learn to share who they are and what they believe using rhetoric.