Advisory Council

The Collective leadership team recognizes the value of accountability, unity, and the wisdom that accompanies the council of like-minded Christ followers. In the past few years, God has aligned us with supernatural streams of influence and brought us alongside some amazing leaders from around the world. These leaders have been anointed with a strong Biblical foundation within the five-fold giftings. It is always our goal to follow Biblical and Godly direction in every decision we make. The process of seeking council from these generals of the faith has allowed us to stay in step with what the Holy Spirit is doing and receive confirmation of where He is leading us as we seek to navigate ministry within the new wineskin. We honor this team of leaders and are incredibly humbled by their willingness to walk alongside us as we grow and mature in the faith.

Bob & Jenny Donnelly

Apostolic Leadership
Jenny Donnelly has 5 children and lives in Portland, Oregon. Her and her husband Bob are co-founders of The Collective Church and Founders of Tetelestai Ministries. The major arm of the ministry is called Her Voice Movement, which exists to awaken and activate believers to help turn America back to God. They do this through mobilizing women and their families into nation-wide "prayer hubs", hosting equipping schools and conferences, ministering personal freedom, and empowering families to participate in pro-life solutions as well as bring reformation to all seven mountains of influence. They are entrepreneurs at heart, holding a special passion for marketplace ministry. What drives them everyday is to do their part to establish the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven

Lou Engle

Evangelic Leadership
Lou Engle is an intercessor and co-founder of TheCall, a prayer and fasting movement responsible for gathering hundreds of thousands around the globe.
He has been involved in church planting, establishing prayer movements and strategic houses of prayer. He is the founder of the pro-life ministry Bound4Life. Now residing in Colorado Springs, he is married to his beautiful wife Therese and blessed with 7 wonderful children. He is the president of Lou Engle Ministries, recently launched to mobilize fasting and contending prayer, and to envision and empower stadium christianity, and to ignite reformation prayer into the nations of the earth.

Clyde Lewis

Prophetic Leadership
Clyde Lewis is an author, speaker, church planter, and pastor of Destiny Church International in Portland, Oregon. He is currently planting four new churches across the US, as well as serving globally as the apostolic prophet at Lewis Ministries International.
In addition, Clyde is the CEO of Rebuild Your Identity Leadership, providing executive coaching to clients in corporate America as well as 1:1 and group coaching to inspire entrepreneurs and leaders at all levels. He is passionate about helping people rediscover their identity and love their life!
Clyde lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wonderful wife Lisa and their two beautiful children.

Mufa David Besic

Pastoral Leadership
Pastor Mufa Besic has embodied an unwavering commitment to guiding and nurturing leaders within the church. His life's purpose is centered on igniting movements, fostering connections, and inspiring and mobilizing believers to stand for the righteousness of God, advocating a lifestyle devoted to seeking first the kingdom of God.
His unwavering determination to remain resolute and courageous in the face of adversity echoes his unshakeable faith, grounded in the conviction that the Lord accompanies him at every step. His dedicated efforts to empower leaders have played a pivotal role in fostering substantial growth and unity within diverse church networks on a global scale.

Malachi Salcido

Teaching Leadership
Having lived in Wenatchee, WA, his entire life, Malachi is an established business owner, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. He owns companies that succeed in multi-discipline general contracting, real estate and property development, and is a blockchain and cryptocurrency mining leader in the United States. Malachi graduated from Central Washinton University, is a Certified Public Accountant, and a licensed Master Electrician in Washington State. As a veteran member of The Collective Advisory Board, Sage Hills Church Strategic Board and The River Academy Board, Malachi loves using his time and leadership skills to further God’s kingdom. Because of God’s restorative and spiritual work in his life, Malachi lives out his motto that “life is all about people & relationships.”
Malachi and his wife, Cathy, have four children and have been married for 28 years