Liberty homeschool academy


To support Liberty Homeschool Academy, please click the link. In the drop down menu select: Liberty Homeschool Academy. You can choose to setup recurring or one-time donations. 100% of the funds remitted will go towards funding the co-op.  We appreciate your support as we continue to build and grow our community, instilling a life-long love for learning and loving our Creator.

About Us

Our Mission and Focus

We are a classical, Christian community of homeschoolers with students ranging in age from Kindergarten through High School. The goal of classical education is to train our children to be lifelong learners and critical thinkers, with a focus on building, maintaining, and understanding their relationship with their Creator, to each other, and to the world.

Our main focus at Liberty Homeschool Academy is to equip families and provide them with curriculum, training, tools, and the tenacity to teach their children from home.  We emphasize raising children to become lifelong learners and encourage parents to highlight the individual qualities and strengths of each of their children.  We meet together once weekly for grades K-12 and twice weekly for upper level math classes and electives.  Under the guidance of Academic Advisors, our Parent Teachers provide classroom instruction during the course of our community days.  Our Academic Advisors help families with curriculum choices, tips to tailor assignments to meet the needs of each individual student and provide parent equipping events to empower parents to be successful homeschoolers.